Ride Restrictions

To keep everyone safe at Luna Park, each of our rides have height and health restrictions.

These restrictions have been put in place to maximise your enjoyment and keep you and other guests safe. Please read the signs beside each ride carefully to make sure you can jump aboard without any concerns!

Health & Safety

Please do not ride if you have any of the following conditions.

COVID Ride Restrictions


All our rides have a minimum height restriction and in some cases a maximum height restriction.

Please view the following table or individual rides for these specific restrictions.



Rain: While it is raining the Scenic Railway will close, and some other rides may also be affected. If the weather improves and the rain stops, rides will reopen when safe. Many of our rides can run in the rain so bring a rain jacket!
Extreme Stormy Weather: If the weather is particularly miserable (we all know how Melbourne can be sometimes!) Luna Park may close earlier than advertised on our website, but we always prepare to open. We’ll do our best to stay open for as long as possible. The Scenic Railway does not run in the rain.
Extreme Hot Weather: If the weather is very hot, the rides in direct sun light may become too hot to sit on. Luna Park may close some rides for a short period of time to cool down.
High and strong winds: This affects our taller rides and can result in closures until the winds subside. Debris can be carried high and a possible danger to our guest.
Ride Maintenance: To keep our rides performing at their best, our rides are subject to periods of routine maintenance.


About our Rides and Attractions

Can you go on rides with a broken bone or plaster cast?

We do not allow anyone onto our rides with broken bones or plaster casts. This rule is in place to protect you from further damage caused by ride movement.

Is Luna Park wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Luna Park is wheelchair accessible. We also have wheelchair access toilets available.

Guests in wheelchairs are permitted to ride on all attractions at Luna Park except the Scenic Railway. However, various health and safety requirements do apply to wheelchair guests so its always best to check with staff before your visit.

Please call Luna Park reception during business hours on 03 9525 5033 for personal advice.

Can I wear thongs or flip flops on rides?

Yes, you can wear thongs on our rides. It’s up to you to keep them on your feet though!

What age group do the Luna Park rides and attractions appeal to?

There is something for everyone at Melbourne’s Luna Park. From the spectator to the thrill seeker we have you covered.

Are all the rides safe?

All of Luna Park’s rides are very safe. All rides are constantly tested and maintained and all rides have active safety features to secure you while you are on the ride.

How many rides are there for infants to 3 years of age?

There are several rides available for children under 100cm in height.
On some of these rides, children must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

Can I bring any personal belongings onto the rides?

We do not allow any loose articles onto our rides. You may leave these belongings unattended near the ride area at your own risk.

For personal security, we recommend hiring a locker near our ticket box for approximately $5 a day.