Scenic Railway Braker Pin

Were you a past Luna Park Melbourne employee who was trained to drive the Great Scenic Railway? You could be eligible to purchase a Luna Park Breaker Pin.

These pins are dedicating to all of our past & present brakemen (and brakewomen) of the Great Scenic Railway!

Designed in 2016 the uniquely special pins will now be bestowed upon all employees who have learned the skill of driving this historic roller-coaster.

Proving you were in fact an official driver of the Scenic Railway will be the biggest challenge and we need to be vigilant in offering these pins to the appropriate person, so please fill out the form below and we will contact you regarding your eligibility.

Approximately 15mm wide.

$10 Scenic Breaker Pins

Plus postage and handling (Pins are free for current employees).

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The date range of your employment at Luna Park Melbourne (required)

Year you first officially drove the Scenic without supervision (required)

Full name of Operations Manager during this time (required)

Full name of Rides Team Leader during this time (required)

If you have any documented proof such as a photograph of you driving the Scenic Railway, please include a link to it below. It will speed up the validation process.

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Scenic Brakers

Pins have been received by the following staff:

  • Aaron Wilkie
  • Aleksandra Koch
  • Alexandra Mclaren
  • Alfred Sembiring
  • Beth Allan
  • Brigid Brinkley
  • Brooke Pether
  • Dalida Azar
  • Damian Dzam-Hilton
  • Danushka Herath
  • Duncan Moody
  • Erin Stockdale
  • Freya Timmer-Arends
  • Georgia Wilby
  • Glenn Scotland
  • Greg Cumming
  • Hemappriya Herath
  • James Donnelly
  • Jane McAliece
  • Jeff Miles
  • Jesse O’Connor
  • Jessica Brown
  • Kelsey Henderson
  • Lauren Mackie
  • Lorrae Taylor
  • Marcus Weichman
  • Mark Harrison
  • Matt Harvey
  • Mathew Williams
  • Michael Frosdick
  • Michael Palti
  • Michelle Khaikilevitch
  • Monica Smith
  • Nick Sandom
  • Owen Doolan
  • Paul Terrell
  • Sophie Connor