Luna Park – Free Guest WiFi

Luna Park now offers our guests Secure Free WiFi.

All visitors can now connect to our free Guest WiFi, at most locations throughout Luna Park.

To access the WiFi, simply connect to Luna Park Free WiFi network on your phone, tablet, laptop or other device.

You won’t need a password to get online for FREE. Simply pop in your email address and you’ll be set to use the secure WiFi network.

If you have already opted into the PoweredLocal mesh network, then you will auto connect without even lifting a finger. Lucky you!

Once you’re online you’ll be totally secure because each device that connects to the Free Luna Park WiFi network will remain totally isolated from all other guest’s devices, as well as other networks. So while you surf the interwebs you can relax knowing you’ll be completely protected from any nasty malicious viruses.

All that security also means that if you’re with a group of gamers, you won’t be able to start a LAN party using the Park Free WiFi, but don’t worry the awesome Luna Park rides and attractions will keep you all more than busy!

When you are online enjoying our Guest Free WiFi and surfing your socials, we would love to see you check in at Luna Park on Facebook, or #Hashtag us. Luna Park LOVES to see you having fun.

Luna Park Free Guest WiFi