Minimum Height


Child 100-110cm can ride if accompanied by a ticket holding mature teenager or adult.

On this ride ADULT MUST HAVE A TICKET when supervising a child under this ride’s height restriction.

The Great Scenic Railway

Ride the world’s oldest continually operating roller coaster!

Just as exhilarating as it was back at its opening in 1912, the Scenic Railway roller coaster continues to operate as the iconic heart of Luna Park. This world famous roller coaster will not only provide you with heart-stopping dips and turns, but also the most stunning views of Port Phillip Bay St Kilda has to offer.

Fast Facts!

  • Features: Speed, Dips and Views
  • Oldest operating roller coaster of its kind in the world
  • Originally built from 65,674m of Canadian Oregon pin
  • Scenic train shed is heritage listed
  • Number of Posts – 322
  • Approximately 17 metres tall
  • The track in 967 metres long
  • Ride time is 3  minutes and 30 seconds
  • Each train weighs nearly 2 tonnes
  • Reached speeds of 60km/h
scenic railway roller coaster ride at luna park st kilda melbourne
scenic railway from st kilda street at luna park melbourne st kilda