Terms & Conditions

General – Terms & Conditions of Purchase & Entry

  • Attractions may close due to extreme weather conditions. We reserve the right to close the park at times other than advertised.
  • All prices, attractions, special events and trading times are subject to change or cancellation without notification.
  • No refunds or rain checks will be issued.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times for your protection.
  • All riders must remain seated at all times.
  • Cameras & phones cannot be used on rides.
  • For the safety of all guests, loose items cannot be taken on rides. Loose item boxes are provided at most rides, but these are not secure or supervised.
  • Lockers are available for hire if secure storage is required.
  • Personal property is the responsibility of every guest.
  • Melbourne’s Luna Park will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles whilst riding it’s attractions or left in a queue line.
  • Riding Luna Park Melbourne’s attractions require guests to be in sound physical condition.
  • Luna Park Melbourne recommends that guests observe the attraction in operation before deciding to ride.
  • During quieter periods some attractions may be temporarily closed.
  • Occasionally attractions may not be available due to maintenance, restoration or technical reasons.
  • Report any lost items or return any found items to the Ticket Box.
  • Report any lost children to the Ticket Box.
  • Every ride requires a ticket.
  • All tickets must be purchased from the ticket box and are not available from rides.
  • Wristbands are void if removed.
  • Lost or removed wristbands will not be replaced.
  • Skateboarding or similar activities are not permitted in the park.
  • No alcohol is permitted in the park.
  • No pets permitted in the park. Assistance dogs excepted.
  • Photographs or videos taken by guests are for personal enjoyment only. Any use or reproduction for commercial purposes, must receive written permission from Luna Park.
  • No Tripods or monopods allowed.
  • By entering Luna Park Melbourne you consent to photographs or film footage of you being used by the Park for promotional purposes without any payment to you.

Online Tickets – Terms & Conditions of Purchase & Entry

  • Ticket prices are valid from 29 November 2019
  • Tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified. Ticket expiry cannot be extended.
  • Payment for Tickets (or any other products) purchased through this website can be made by using most Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Your credit card will be debited at the time of ordering. No personal or company cheques are accepted.
  • All credit card purchases are made through the Commonwealth Bank’s secure payment facility, BPoint. This service uses a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol that protects confidential information such as credit card numbers and other financial data from interception and hacking. In the unlikely event that you believe any unauthorised use of your credit card has occurred, please immediately notify us by email and contact your bank directly.
  • After completing your purchase via this website you will be presented with a confirmation page that summarises your order and confirms your successful purchase. You will also receive an email confirmation of your order with pdf copies of your receipt and tickets. Please print your E-Ticket or show them on your phone at the ‘Luna Express’ window at the Ticket Box.
  • Entry to Luna Park is not free. A fee is required for entry unless the guest is 3 years and under OR the guest purchases a ride ticket.
  • Your unlimited ride wristband/s will be issued by presenting a printed E-Ticket (either colour or black and white) with barcodes at the Ticket Box.
  • Handle your E-Tickets as you would cash.
  • Lost, damaged or stolen tickets that were purchased via the Luna park website can be reprinted from the My Account/Tickets section of our website. Reprinted Tickets are void if the original has already been redeemed/used.
  • Luna Park Melbourne PTY LTD reserves the right to refuse any order placed online for Unlimited Ride Tickets.
  • All tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash. Tickets cannot be on-sold to another party or third party for re-sale to customers.­­

Birthday Party Booking Terms and Conditions

  • Either a 30% or full payment of your booking is required to secure your reservation.
  • Final numbers are to be confirmed and full payment made by the Wednesday prior to your party. If you are paying by cheque, money order or bank transfer (EFT), please ensure that this is processed 7 days before the party to ensure funds are cleared.
  • Last minute bookings made less than 7 days prior to the party will require immediate payment via credit card over the phone
  • Payment is regarded as acceptance of these terms and conditions
  • Available times for birthday parties include 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm
  • A birthday booking is for use of the tram for 45 minutes from the start time of your booking
  • The minimum booking is for eight (8) guests
  • The tram seats 32 guests. Bookings of less than 16 will be allocated one side of the tram. Other birthday bookings may be allocated to the available side of the tram at Luna Park’s sole discretion
  • If you are expecting more than sixteen (16) guests and a 16+ booking was not originally made, please ensure you contact me immediately to advise on availability
  • To book the whole tram, a minimum booking charge of sixteen (16) guests will apply
  • Additional food supplied by you may be brought into the tram to supplement the party tram food offering if desired, but you will need to sign a release form for any food brought into the Park.
  • In the event of forecast rain, birthday parties can be transferred to an alternate date with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice by calling our office on 9525 5033
  • Payments are final and cannot be refunded for cancelled parties or for any ‘no-show’ guests
  • Birthday bookings made on weekdays or public holidays will incur a $50 surcharge
  • We make every effort to ensure that all rides are available on your special day. However due to maintenance and particular weather conditions, some rides may not be available. If you have concerns about your party, please contact the party coordinator 48hrs prior to your visit.

Luna Love Terms and Conditions

  • Tickets can also be purchased from the ticket box for this promotion.
  • Luna Love Tickets are valid for redemption on 14 February 2020 from 6pm – 11pm only.
  • Not available with any other offer or discount.
  • Tickets will be emailed to you in a PDF which must be presented as either a printed ticket or on a Smartphone at the Ticket Box.
  • All tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash.
  • Tickets cannot be on-sold to another party or third party for resale to customers.
  • ‘General – Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Entry’ apply to Luna Love tickets.

Summer Nights & Night Rider Nights Terms and Conditions

  • Summer Nights & Night Rider Nights e-tickets may be redeemed at Melbourne’s Luna Park for the Promotion dates displayed on the Luna Park Melbourne Website.
  • Summer Nights & Night Rider Nights tickets may also be purchased from the ticket box at the Park entrance.
  • Cancellations and closure times may vary, so please check lunapark.com.au for opening and closing hours on your entry date.
  • ‘General – Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Entry’ apply to Summer Nights & Night Rider Nights ticket holders.
  • Summer Nights & Night Rider Nights tickets can not be refunded.
  • Excluding Luna Love  on Valentine’s Day, Friday 14 February 2020. Tickets for Luna Love can be purchased on our website.

Christmas Gala Terms and Conditions

  • Children 12 years and under must attend the event with an adult ticket-holder.
  • Kids tickets (under 17yrs) are as at the age you will be at any time during the Event. i.e. if you turning 18 over the Event you are required to purchase an adult ticket.
  • There is no registration required to purchase tickets.
  • Be environmentally conscious! You do not have to print your tickets, you can redeem them on your smart phone.
  • Tickets are based on a discounted price package – therefor this package is not available with any other offer, discount or Companion Card discount.

Luna Dark Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Entry

  • Tickets are to be purchased online via www.tickets.halloween.melbourne or at the ticket box at Luna Park Melbourne. If purchased online, tickets will be sent electronically to the email address nominated at the time of purchase.
  • Tickets for [email protected] Dark are not available with any other offer or discount.
  • A [email protected] Dark Unlimited Rides or Family Pass e-ticket may be redeemed at Luna Park Melbourne for a single entry on the date as indicated on the e-ticket.
  • A [email protected] Dark Extreme Phobia or Haunted Fairytales e-ticket may be redeemed at Luna Park Melbourne for single entry on the date and check-in time specified on the ticket and grants entry to the haunt specified on the ticket only.
  • The above applies to bundled tickets where rides are valid for the full session and haunt(s) for the check-in time on the date indicated on the e-ticket.
  • The entry date and session time will be clearly indicated throughout the purchase process. As session opening, closing and haunt check-in times do vary, please check halloween.melbourne for details of your entry date.
  • Games, Special Effects make-up services, food and beverages are not included with online tickets.
  • All ticket sales are final. Tickets will not be exchanged, refunded, or returned after purchase. Tickets must be redeemed on the day booked and cannot be redeemed on an alternative date. Lost, stolen, damaged, or defaced tickets will not be replaced. Tickets cannot be transferred to another person after purchase under any circumstances.
  • There are no pass-outs for this event.
  • It is a condition of entry that each ticket holder be subject to a search of person or possessions at the time of entry to the venue.Tickets can only be purchased through this website (insert the website address) by using a Visa or Master Credit Card. Your credit card will be debited at the time of ordering.
  • All credit card purchases are PCI compliant.
  • Please present your e-ticket with barcode(s) at the Ticket Box; either printed or on a mobile device.
  • Luna Park Melbourne Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry on any order placed online for tickets


Important Information

The Event

  • [email protected] Dark features indoor and outdoor elements and will proceed on the advertised dates and at the advertised times in rain or shine. Guests accept the risk that weather they consider unsatisfactory may occur on the event day / night. Luna Park Melbourne reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute attractions or vary advertised programs, prices, and capacity at any time without notification.
  • The Organisers will not provide any refunds or other compensation to any attendee for any reason other than where the Organisers cancels the Event in its entirety due to a Force Majeure Event.
  • In the event the Organisers cancels the Event due to a Force Majeure Event, you will only be entitled to a refund of the value of the Ticket. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Force Majeure Event” means anything which in the Organiser’s sole discretion makes it logistically impossible to continue to operate the Event either in its entirety or its advertised form outside the Organiser’s reasonable control including without limitation, fire, bad weather damage to Event grounds caused by bad weather, rain, flood, drought, storm, lightning, natural disaster, act of god, explosion, sabotage, accident, labour dispute, revocation of permits, police rulings or war.
  • Guests who disrupt other Guests’ enjoyment of the Park, mistreat performer, or behave in an inappropriate and/or aggressive manner will be removed from the Park without refund.
  • [email protected] Dark is a Halloween themed event and at times will feature (but not limited to) scary images, live attractions, strobing lights, smoke and illusions of blood and gore
  • Children are permitted to attend the event at their parent’s discretion, however if they scare easily or are affected by special lighting, artificial fog, or other theatrical effects, it is not recommended.
  • A limited number of small lockers to store your valuables are available in the park for a fee.
  • Items considered dangerous will not be permitted inside the venue and must be surrendered to staff upon entry. Surrendered items will be available for collection as you leave the event. Luna Park Melbourne assumes no responsibility for these items.Ride Safety Restrictions and Guidelines
  • Your safety is important to the Organisers. All [email protected] Dark tickets are sold subject to Luna Park Melbourne’s Rides Regulations. Height, age and health requirements apply to all attractions. These can be viewed at https://lunapark.com.au/ride-restrictions/We encourage guests to dress in costume for this event, however for your protection please ensure appropriate clothing, shoes and shirts are worn at all times. Headpieces, wigs, masks and non-secure accessories cannot be worn on rides. Mobile phones, cameras and loose items cannot be taken on rides
  • Riders must remain seated at all times and must observe all Ride Attendant instructions. Luna Park Melbourne has the right to refuse a guest to ride and will not be responsible for articles lost, stolen or damaged whilst riding an attraction or left in the queue line.Special Conditions – Extreme Phobia and Haunted Fairytales
  • Extreme Phobia is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Due to its location and a number of special effects within, sadly, Extreme Phobia is not wheelchair friendly.
  • Haunted Fairytales is not recommended for children under the age of 5.
  • Tickets are sold in 30 minute time blocks and are valid only for the time specified. You may only commence queuing at the time specified on the Ticket. Please arrive on time, as you may be designated a different time slot for entering the Haunt(s) or not permitted entry to the Haunt(s) if you arrive late.
  • You may be required to queue to enter the Haunts. Wait times given by Event Staff are an estimate only and may vary due to circumstances outside the Organiser’s control. The Organisers will not offer Ticket refunds for excessive wait times.
  • Six (6) to eight (8) people will be permitted entry to a Haunt at a time. We will make efforts to keep friendship and family groups together but we cannot guarantee this will be possible
  •  You must not use cameras, video recording or flash photography in the Haunts
  • You must switch off your mobile phone prior to entry of the Haunts
  • You must not touch any props, decorations, actors/scarers, machinery or equipment in the Haunts.
  • You must wear appropriate footwear in the Haunts, with open toed shoes and high heels being not permissible
  • You are responsible for all of your belongings while in the Haunts. You will not be permitted re-entry to search for lost property.You must not bring any food or beverages (including bottled water) into the Haunts.
  • By entering a Haunt, you acknowledge and accept the following:
    • You may be exposed to horror themes; sudden and loud noises, sudden physical contact and sudden scares, moving and uneven floors and surfaces, fog, strobe lights, intense audio and visual stimuli, supernatural themes, scenes of a graphic nature, animals, extremely low visibility/total darkness and claustrophobic situations.
    • While we make every effort to keep you safe while in a Haunt, you must not enter a Haunt if you are pregnant, intoxicated or under the influence of medication or drugs, suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety or any kind of phobia related to darkness, horror or the supernatural, are prone to seizures or epileptic symptoms, are wearing any form of cast or medical brace, are using crutches or any other walking aid, or have heart, back or respiratory problems. Unfortunately, Extreme Phobia is not wheelchair accessible and you must not enter Extreme Phobia if you require a wheelchair.
    • You understand and accept that there are inherent risks and danger in entering the Haunts and you assume all risk and danger associated with entry to the Haunts.
  • The brands “Spooktober®” and “Luna Dark®” and “[email protected] Dark®” are used as trade marks by the Organisers who is the exclusive owner of logos, artwork, photographs, videos and other material created to promote the event. If you wish to use the Event IP other than for private, non-commercial purposes, you must obtain the prior written consent of the Organisers.
  • By attending the Event, you consent to photos, videos, sound recordings, and other recordings being taken of you and used by the Organisers for marketing, promotional and other purposes in its discretion, in all media in perpetuity.

Chance to win one of 25 double in-season passes to Jane Austen’s ‘EMMA’
© 2019 Universal Studios.

  • Participation in the competition is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Promotion commences at 9am on 24 January 2020 and closes at midnight on Wednesday 12 February 2020.
  • To enter the competition to win one of 25 double in-season movie passes to ‘EMMA’, participants must purchase tickets to LUNA LOVE OR complete the entry form via Luna Park Melbourne’s website, by providing their first name, last name, email address, postal address for fulfilment of prizes, and the name and email address of the person they invite.
  • Partially completed entry forms will be disqualified.
  • Entry is open to residents of Australia only. Entrants must be aged 13 years or over. Employees of Luna Park and their immediate families, suppliers, associated companies and agencies are ineligible to enter. One entry per person. Multiple entries from the same person will not be accepted.
  • A random draw will take place at 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182 on Thursday 13 February and winners will be notified by email. Movie pass prizes will be sent by Australia Post within 48 hours of the draw.
  • If a winner does not acknowledge email notification within 48 hours, the movie pass prize will be reallocated to another entrant.
  • Entry to this competition is conditional on provision of the personal information requested on the entry form.
  • Entry to this competition is deemed as consent to receiving emails from Luna Park Melbourne, and the data supplied by consenting entrants will be stored in Luna Park Melbourne’s email marketing database. Participants may subsequently unsubscribe the Luna Park Melbourne Mailing List.
  • The ’EMMA’ in-season pass can only be sent to an address in Australia and is only valid for redemption at participating cinemas (see movie pass for details).

General – Terms & Conditions

  • The Luna Park Melbourne Annual Pass is available online from the Luna Park website (www.lunapark.com.au) or from the Luna Park Ticket Box.
  • An Annual Pass entitles the holder to entry to Luna Park Melbourne on any valid entry day for twelve months from the date it is activated within the Park.
  • If purchasing online, the Pass must be activated at the Luna Park Ticket Box during operational hours within 30 days of purchase. Activation constitutes issue of a permanent Annual Pass Card with photo ID.
  • This redemption period cannot be extended and Luna Park Melbourne is not obligated to refund the purchase if this validity period has expired.
  • The Luna Park Annual Pass is valid for use on any day the Park is accessible by the general public.
  • Luna Park Melbourne does not operate on every day of the year and as such, does not take responsibility for a misinterpretation of opening hours.
  • An Annual Pass entitles the owner to 1 x Unlimited Ride Ticket once per day on any valid entry day.
  • An Unlimited Ride Ticket is a unique wristband that is non-refundable, not transferable between individuals, valid for the date of issue only and void if not securely attached to the guest’s wrist at all times.
  • The Annual Pass must be presented at the ticket box each time the owner visits the Park during the 12 month period in order to receive a wristband to ride that day.
  • The Luna Park Melbourne Annual Pass is not valid for private events or ticketed events that require a special ticket for admission (ie. Luna Dark).
  • Annual Passes do not guarantee ride and attraction access (especially during high attendance periods).
  • Restrictions apply including, but not limited to, capacity constraints and other closures.
  • All rides at Luna Park Melbourne are subject to health, safety, and height restrictions.
  • The Annual Pass does not entitle the owner to bypass these restrictions. All ride restrictions can be viewed on the Luna Park Melbourne website, at the Luna Park Ticket Box and at each individual ride. Rides, services, entertainment and attractions may change operating hours, close temporarily, or may otherwise change or be discontinued without notice and without liability.
  • An Annual Pass holder assumes the inherent risks associated with the operation of all rides and attractions and should read and obey all safety signage, instructions and rules.
  • An Annual Pass holder must abide by any rules and regulations applicable to Luna Park Melbourne.
  • An Annual Pass is not transferable, cannot be sold, cannot be given to anyone else to use inclusive of family and friends, is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used with any other offer, discount or product. Additionally, Annual Passes may not be used for commercial purposes and are void if altered or misused.

Membership Information

  • Annual Pass holder personal data must be completed at the time of purchase (online) or on the same day of card activation at the Park.
  • When collecting an Annual Pass purchased online, the Annual Pass holder must be present at the Luna Park Ticket Box in order for the membership photo to be captured.
  • Each Annual Pass holder must follow Luna Park Melbourne’s procedures to have a photo associated with his/her Annual Pass in Luna Park Melbourne’s files for identification purposes.
  • Photo capture procedures include removal of any hats, sunglasses or other obscuring accessories and ensuring no additional individuals are present in the background of the photo.
  • An Annual Pass holder must have his/her valid Annual Pass in hand and a current photo on file with Luna Park Melbourne for rides wristband issue.
  • Photos on file for active Annual Pass holders must be periodically updated with current photos.
  • Photos must be replaced every 12 months for children under the age of 18 and every 3 years for adults. Further identification may be required.


  • A guest wishing to upgrade to an Annual Pass from another form of eligible Unlimited Ride Ticket must upgrade on the same day of on-site purchase/redemption.
  • Each guest wishing to upgrade a ticket to an Annual Pass must be present at the time of the upgrade transaction.
  • The guest must able to display a valid, intact and attached wristband when upgrade transactions are made. Expired tickets, complimentary tickets, Group Booking tickets and other tickets stating ineligibility for an upgrade may not be upgraded to an Annual Pass.
  • Upgrades are only available on individual Unlimited Ride Tickets. It is not possible to upgrade from a Single Ride Ticket or a Family Pass.

Loss, Replacement or Cancellation

  • All Annual Pass Cards remain the property of Luna Park Melbourne.
  • If an Annual Pass is lost or stolen, the card holder is asked to report the situation to Luna Park Melbourne staff at the Luna Park Ticket box or by calling reception on (03) 9525 5033.
  • A non-refundable fee of ten dollars ($10.00) is required to replace an Annual Pass Card.
  • Luna Park Melbourne reserves the right to cancel, suspend or revoke any Annual Pass or deny ride access to any card holder at any time, for any reason.
  • Cancellation, suspension, or revocation of an Annual Pass membership will result in the cancellation, suspension or revocation of the member benefits associated with the Annual Pass.
  • Luna Park Melbourne is not obligate to renew, or replace lost or stolen Annual Passes.
  • Purchase of the Luna Park Melbourne Annual Pass is final.
  • Luna Park Melbourne does not offer any refunds for change of mind, lost, stolen or unused cards.


  • The collection, use and disclosure of personal information otherwise provided in connection with purchase of an Annual Pass is governed by the Luna Park Melbourne Privacy Policy available at: https://lunapark.com.au/privacy-policy/
  • The information provided by guests will be used by Luna Park Melbourne for the purpose of conducting the Annual Pass Program.
  • By purchasing an Annual Pass, the guest consents to subscribe to email communication from Luna Park Melbourne.
  • An Annual Pass holder may receive occasional updates, special offers and other information from Luna Park Melbourne about their events, products, services, discounts and promotions.

Gift Vouchers

  • Gift Cards are available in $50, $100 and $100 amounts only. They have a $0 balance until activated at the time of your purchase.
  • Inactive cards presented for redemption without valid proof of purchase will be considered fraudulent.
  • Gift Cards are not transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash, to purchase other Gift Cards, reloaded or refunded and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift Cards may currently be redeemed at the Luna Park Melbourne Ticket Box for ride tickets (including to purchase Annual Passes), and at Food and Beverage*, Merchandise and Carnival Game outlets. Gift Cards currently cannot be used to purchase any online products.
  • Online Gift Card purchases will be dispatched to your nominated address using Australia Post Express Delivery. Please allow up to 3 business days for your order to be processed. If you prefer an ‘instant’ gift, please visit our regular online e-ticket page for a range of rides options that are valid for 12 months.
  • Gift Cards are valid for 3 years from date of purchase and any unused balance will not be credited or refunded when the card expires.

*Excludes food carts and vending machines.