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Gift Cards

Whether your children, friends or family are young or simply young at heart, why not gift them with a joyful experience they’ll remember for years to come!

Luna Park Gift Cards – Just For Fun

Give someone the gift of fun with a Luna Park eGift Card or a Physical Gift Card! Luna Park Gift Cards can be redeemed for entry and ride tickets, carnival games, merchandise, and food and drinks at our various outlets throughout Luna Park Melbourne only. *Excludes food carts and vending machines.

You can nominate the amount on the Gift Card from $20 and up to $300. Choose to have the eGift Card delivered straight to their inbox, or yours. Or have the Physical Card printed and delivered to their home!

eGift Cards

These are delivered to your inbox immediately. Choose to send the card directly to the recipient inbox, or download the eGift Card voucher and share it with them on their special day!

Physical Gift Cards

Physical Gift Cards will be prepared and printed and into the mail and as soon as possible. Our Gift Cards are sent using Australia Post Express Delivery. Please allow up to 3 business days for your order to arrive after we have processed it.

Redeeming a Luna Park eGift Card

Luna Park eGift Cards have a unique 16-digit Card Number and a 4-digit PIN. To use your Gift Card to make a purchase online simply select the Gift Card option when you get to the payment page and enter your eGift Card # and PIN details.

To redeem on desktop devices:

Use the eGift Card # and Pin, both available within the ticket on desktop devices to unlock the eGift Card voucher value and complete your purchase.

To redeem on mobile devices:

You will need the eGift Card # and the Pin number (available on desktop, or from the second confirmation email) to unlock the eGift Card voucher value and complete your purchase.

Terms of Use

Here’s the boring stuff. eGift Cards are not for resale and cannot be redeemed for cash, used to purchase other Gift Cards, reloaded or refunded and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. eGift Cards are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase and any unused balance will not be credited or refunded when the card expires. eGift Cards can be used online or in the park to buy tickets, merchandise, game vouchers and food or drinks.

eGift Cards will receive the voucher via email, and a second email email will follow with the PIN code required to redeem the card online, don’t forget to send this on to the LUCKY recipient!


Frequently Asked Questions