Location Filming

Iconic Luna Park Melbourne has been used as a backdrop for many fabulous productions over the years. From movies to TV Shows, Photography shoots, music videos and memorable wedding shots.

We welcome everyone to capture their fun moments and memories at Luna Park and encourage these to be shared on socials and tag us at #lunaparkmelbourne! However, please be mindful of park safety regulations which means strictly no photography on rides and not of other people without their permission.

If you wish to film or take professional photographs, you will require written permission from Luna Park. There are strict Policy & Guidelines for filming and photography to keep our guests safe and not impact their park experience. For more information on these click here.

Photography & Film Shoots

Filming for all sorts of projects happens at Luna Park regularly such as Commercial shoots like TV Series and ads, documentaries, Stills ads and catalogues, music videos and content as well as Non-Commercial projects like student videos, and news stories and charitable activities.

All filming and Photography require written permission from Luna Park Melbourne. Luna Park is unlikely to grant permission to film in the Park during opening hours of operation as this may affect the experience of guests.

Location fees vary depending on requirements such as, whether operational rides are wanted, day and duration of the shoot, staffing requirements, number of cast/crew, end-usage of content, etc. The first step to requesting permission to film is to fill out our Filming or Photography Application Form. Please complete all information and email the Application Form to us at [email protected]. Please allow at least 10 days prior to the desired shoot for this to be reviewed.

From here, we will determine requirements and provide a project estimate and respond via email. Prior to the beginning of any filming activity, a pre-site inspection is usually conducted to determine technical or detailed requirements. All shoots must adhere to Luna Park regulations including insurance and equipment clearances. Please see Luna Park Filming and Photography Policy and Guidelines

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