VCE Physics Days – 2024

Embrace VCE Physics in the most enjoyable way!

Hands-on Study and Loads of Fun!

Luna Park’s VCE Physics Days have been designed by teachers to provide students with practical examples of some of the concepts covered in ‘Motion in one and two dimensions’ and ‘How fast can things go?’ for Unit 3 of the VCE Physics Study Design.

The study materials have been developed with specific relevance to Luna Park and the motion of amusement rides. During VCE Activity Days Luna Park provides Victorian Schools with exclusive access to the Park where they can utilise these study materials with a program of enjoyable activities designed to engage and inform.


Monday, 4 March 2024

Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Wednesday, 6 March 2024

Thursday, 7 March 2024

Friday, 8 March 2024

Here’s what to expect

  • $31.50 per student plus teachers & supervisors ride free!
  • Unlimited Rides Included
  • Unit 3 VCE Physics Study
  • Physics Activities
  • Teachers’ Lounge
  • Exclusive to Schools
  • Access to Food Outlets
  • 4 Hours of Fun
  • Bookings required

Exclusive school only days at Melbourne’s Luna Park

The Park will be open exclusively to Physics Activity Days bookings between 10:00am and 2:00pm with a variety of rides on offer.

Reserve your datalogging equipment

Schools can reserve data-logging equipment by completing the request form on the Cider House Tech website.

Access to Luna Park facilities and attractions

Our exclusive Teachers’ Lounge, The Luna Café, will be open for staff to enjoy whilst in the park. School uniform is optional and is up to the discretion of the individual schools.

Availability and Booking

Note: Places are limited, please complete the booking form below to register your interest in participating in this unique celebration. Bookings will be served on a ‘first in, first served’ basis!

To confirm your booking, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required. Students are counted on entry on the day of your visit. We will send you an invoice for the remainder of the payment via email after your visit. Payment is required within 7 days from date of invoice.

For more information, call our school bookings coordinator during business hours on (03) 9525 5033

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