Have you got a question about buying Luna Park tickets online? If you need an answer have quick a look below, then just click on the question to be in the know!

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for Luna Park can be booked online via our website at www.tickets.lunapark.com.au. You can select from Unlimited Ride Tickets, Single Ride & Entry Tickets, Family Passes or tickets for special Events such as Luna Love. And if you’re an Annual Pass holder or have been lucky enough to have been given a Luna Park Gift Card*, you can even book a ticket with the appropriate discount.

In most cases the first thing you’ll need to do is determine the ticket(s) you will need based on the age of you and you guests:

After selecting the the ticket type is crucial that that you determine and select which of the available days you wish to attend the Park by clicking the corresponding date on the calendar:

Then select the number of tickets you wish to purchase for this day and the website will confirm if they are available.

If the session is already booked out or if we’re closed a message liked this will be displayed:


After selecting the ticket type, a date and the number of tickets you need, just add them to your cart:

If you need more tickets for different ages simply click Continue Shopping and repeat these steps for each ticket type you need:

Once you have all the tickets you need in your cart simply proceed to the checkout and submit your details and payment information to complete your purchase.

Once you have finished your order you will received a confirmation email within a few moments. Your confirmation email will include a link to your Print at Home ticket(s) that you can print or show on your phone at at the Ticket Box for entry into Luna Park on the date you have booked.

Ticket availability is subject to our capacity and guest numbers so to avoid disappointment, we suggest that you purchase your tickets online at least a day in advance.

*There is currently a limitation on the way Gift Cards can be used to purchase tickets online. This relates only to the use of Gift Cards to purchase tickets online and does not impact their use at the Park in any way. See below for further details.

Can I use my Annual Pass to book tickets online?

Yes, Annual Pass holders are encouraged to pre-book a ticket online to ensure they don’t miss out on the day due to our capacity limits.

To book your ticket online go to our tickets page and select the “Annual Pass Holders” option:

Then select the type of ticket you want to get with your Annual Pass:

Next choose which date you would like to come to Luna Park:

Make sure there are tickets available on that date and that the quantity is “1” – you can book more tickets later.

If you are happy with the date and ticket type add the ticket to your cart:

Then follow the instructions on screen and type your 9 digit annual pass number into the Pass field – make sure you include a “P” at the start, eg P123456789.

To get your 100% Annual Pass discount simply click the arrow next to the Pass number field:

If you have entered a valid Annual Pass (and haven’t already booked a ticket using it for the same day) a 100% discount will be applied to the ticket price:

If you wish to book more tickets with other Annual Passes or if you want to purchase tickets for a friend or family member just click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” and proceed as normal:

Once you have selected all the tickets you wish to book and all the discounts you are entitled to have been applied click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

Here we will get you to quickly fill in your details and if you have no other products that require payment you can finalise the sale without having to submit a credit card details. If you have added other items to your order these will require payment before you can finalise your booking.

Your tickets will be emailed to you so you can show them at the Ticket Box when you arrive at the park to confirm you have booking.


Ready to book your ticket to Melbourne’s Luna Park?

Click here to go to our tickets page.

Can I use my Gift Card to buy a ticket?

Yes, you can use your Luna Park Gift Card to purchase tickets online.  However our website cannot accept split payments yet so for the time being Gift Cards can only be used when the total amount of the online purchase is less than the value of the Gift Card. Below are some examples of how Gift Cards can, and cannot be used online at the moment.

Gift Cards CAN be use in these examples

  • a $50 Gift Card can be used purchase one (1) 4-12 Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $41.50
  • a $100 Gift Card can be used purchase one (1) 13+ Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $51.50
  • a $100 Gift Card can be used purchase one (1) 13+ Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $51.50 and one (1) 4 – 12 Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $41.50 with a total order value $93.00.
  • a $100 Gift Card can be used purchase two (2) 4 – 12 Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $41.50 each with a total order value $83.00.

Gift Cards CANNOT be use in these examples

  • a $50 Gift Card cannot be used purchase one (1) 13+ Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $51.50
  • a $100 Gift Card cannot be used purchase two (2) 13+ Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $51.50 each with a total order value $103.00.
  • a $100 Gift Card cannot be used purchase three (3) 4 – 12 Years Unlimited Ride Ticket valued at $41.50 each with a total order value $124.50.

When you do use your Gift Card to purchase tickets online any remaining difference between the purchase value and Gift Card Value will remain available on the Gift Card and can be used towards most Food & Beverage or Merchandise purchases in the Park.

If you need to book a ticket with a value that is more than the value of your Gift Card then call Luna Park on 03 9525 5033 for more information.

Split payments can be made at all locations that accept Gift Cards within Luna Park so these limitations do not apply when you are at the Park.

All tickets are subject to availability on the day so if you’re ready to book your ticket using a Gift Card we suggest you visit our tickets page at least a day before you intend to visit Melbourne’s Luna Park.

Can I use my valid undated pre-purchased ticket to get into Luna Park?

Yes, if you are holding a ticket purchased last year such as our old web tickets or for events such as Spin & Grin sessions, Luna Love or Summer Nights, you can use it to request a ticket for the date you want to visit Luna Park. You may do the same if you are holding a valid unused ticket that received as a gift, a donation or was pre-purchased last year through RACV or another organisation.

To organise your replacement dated ticket please visit https://lunapark.com.au/pre-purchased-tickets/ at least 2 business days in advance to submit your request.

All ticket exchanges are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee every day will be available.